Dr. Jomo Cousins is the founder of Love First Christian Center located in Riverview, Florida. He is most proud of his first ministry, his marriage to Dr. Charmaine and their beautiful children Jomo, Jamya, and Josiah.

He was drafted to the NFL from Florida A &M University in 1998 and spent several years playing professional football before God called him to full time ministry.  He now uses the same drive and determination that it took to make it to the NFL to bring and inspiring message of hope to those that are lost and broken.  His exceptional gifts as a strategist allow him to make practical insights to life lessons with presentations that are unforgettable and humorous.

He speaks often of how God healed him completely from cancer while carrying him through the loss of his mother.  His charismatic style and affinity for story-telling disarms his listeners, while creating space for the Holy Spirit to cut right to the heart of life’s issues.

Dr. Jomo Cousins holds a Doctoral degree in religious philosophy, and a Master’s degree in divinity from Tabernacle Bible College; and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business economics from Florida A&M University.